Tenney Week in Review
BidenBrindisi.com launched

While COVID-19 continues pushing through America, we are experiencing the true resolve and resilience of Americans pushing right back. This week Iheld a series of zoom calls with farmers and small businesses about opening the economy while adhering to the phase-in health precautions recommended by the President’s team.

It’s time to begin putting trust in our small business owners to responsibly start the process of reopening.Our small businesses and farming community are hurting, people are out of work. It’s time to reopen America for business.

We are approaching the six-month mark before the November Election. While that seems like eons away, our campaign to Take Back the House is moving full throttle.

This week:

Launched BidenBrindisi.com to expose the disastrous left-wing agenda Anthony Brindisi and his endorsed presidential candidate Joe Biden – if you need a hint: it’s undoing all of the gains made by President Trump Joined my friend Bill Keelerto discuss reopening America on WIBX Spoke with WUTQ’s Talk of the Town about BidenBrindisi.com and helping small business owners Recently launched Questions with Claudia on our Facebook page. This week I discuss how we can support Made in America businesses and products Received anote of support from former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on our efforts to combat the Chinese Communist Party and their theft of American trade secrets Delivered cookies made by my friend Terry Stanwix to National Guard troops

These are difficult times, but I know we are going to pull through this and come out stronger than ever. Be careful, stay safe, and don’t forget your loved ones.See you next week. Claudia