People before Politics

The Washington machine has become bloated and Members of Congress are getting too comfortable in the seats they occupy. We, the people, are tired of the permanent political class corruption in Washington that comes from incumbent politicians, lobbyists, the main stream media, big business, big banks, big unions and big special interests. In the New York Assembly, Claudia has put people first by sponsoring legislation that would stop the perpetuation of self-serving career politicians including: a bill that would prevent the governor from unconstitutionally bypassing the legislature; a bill that would enact term limits on all legislators and legislative leaders in New York State; a bill that would remove the political class from taxpayer backed defined benefit pension plans to a 401(k) type defined contribution plan mirroring the private sector and saving millions of taxpayer dollars and she will do the same in Washington.

Economy and Jobs

The need to protect and grow jobs in New York is more important now than ever before. Claudia has worked relentlessly to stop job killing legislation and regulations in our state. In the state legislature she voted against the governor’s Big Government cronyism program, START-UP NY, which has been proven to be ineffective and is only hurting existing New York businesses and driving jobs out of our state by favoring outsiders through massive taxpayer subsidies. She will take the same relentless energy to Washington to unleash free market principles by getting big government off our backs. We must enact job-friendly policies, roll back burdensome regulations and cut the red tape to keep jobs from leaving New York and to jumpstart our economy. (See this article.)


Claudia opposes Obamacare and knows how devastating it has been for families and small businesses in New York - it isn't working; premiums, deductibles and co-pays have skyrocketed; New Yorker’s are losing their doctors. In the New York Assembly, Claudia has consistently voted against New York’s efforts to entrench Obamacare. In Washington, Claudia will vote to defund Obamacare and advocate for free-market, patient centric healthcare allowing New Yorker’s to once again have the right to choose an affordable medical insurance that works for them and indeed, to keep their doctor.

Illegal Immigration (Putting Americans First)

We must ensure the security of our nation’s border immediately. Claudia knows we must stop the flow of illegal-immigrants that is putting our nation’s security at risk and placing a financial burden on American citizens. In Washington she will work to protect our sovereignty and our citizens by securing the border and preserving taxpayer resources for Americans and immigrants who respect and follow our laws and choose to come here legally. She will put New York and American workers first by not voting for amnesty.

Taxes (Putting Families First)

In the State Assembly, Claudia Tenney has consistently voted against tax increases that further out of control government spending. She has been working relentlessly to provide meaningful solutions to reduce the state income tax, property tax, sales tax, unfunded mandates and to lessen taxes that are crushing individuals, small businesses and family farms. In Washington, Claudia will continue this uncompromising pursuit every day to lower taxes on families and reduce business taxes that have driven so many jobs out of New York and the country.

Government Spending

Claudia has experience running her family business during tough economic times. She knows first-hand how an overreaching government can make the American dream become the impossible dream. Obama and the Washington establishment in Congress have run up over $18 trillion in fiscal operating debt and over $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. The operating debt alone is larger than entire American economy. This is unsustainable and immoral. She challenged the big spenders in Albany and will do the same in Washington by bringing kitchen table common sense to their committee rooms. She will not vote for any additional spending that adds to the debt and will scour the budget to eliminate wasteful spending to protect the country’s financial health for our children’s future.


As a Marine Mom, Claudia is a particularly strong advocate for all veterans who have answered the call to serve and have sacrificed everything, which is necessary to preserve the freedom and individual rights guaranteed by our great nation. As a member of the New York Assembly Veterans Committee, she has sponsored a number of bills aimed to benefit and support both active duty and retired veterans. In Washington, she will be a champion for those who risk their lives to protect ours and will work tirelessly to ensure the Veteran’s Administration is fixed so our sons and daughters receive proper and timely healthcare services they were promised upon returning from combat.

National Security

Claudia strongly believes that a primary mission of the Constitution is to provide for national defense and border security. This means our nation must ensure that the military has the capacity necessary to respond to current and potential future threats. In Washington, Claudia will ensure that the constitutional responsibility of our federal government to provide for the common defense of our nation will be upheld.

The 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment is more than a right; it’s something that we must put into action. That’s why in the New York Assembly, Claudia was the first to introduce a bill requiring the full repeal of the Governor's gun grabbing SAFE Act. Claudia is the leading 2nd Amendment advocate and has been the most vocal against this unconstitutional law. She firmly believes that it is our constitutional right to bear arms and it SHALL NOT be infringed. Claudia does not support unproven gun control measures targeted at law abiding gun owners, and in Washington she will continue to be an uncompromising defender our Second Amendment rights.

Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and create nearly 65 percent of all new jobs. As a small manufacturing business owner, Claudia understands the struggles of owning and operating a business. During her time in the New York Assembly, Claudia fought against burdensome regulations and taxes which crush existing small businesses and prevent new businesses from opening. Claudia knows that we must embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship and free markets to allow our small businesses to thrive. In Washington, she will continue to oppose all unnecessary and burdensome regulations and taxes on businesses and individuals.


Claudia has spent countless hours meeting with teachers, parents and students and is very familiar with the challenges facing our education system. As a member of the Assembly Education Committee, she has stood with parents, teachers and school administrators to push for meaningful reforms in our education system and opposed the rollout of federally mandated Common Core in New York. She also co-sponsored a bill that would give parents the choice to opt out of excessive, mandated Common Core testing. In Washington, Claudia will continue the fight to roll back Common Core and end federal interference in educational decisions, which are better left to local school districts and parents.

Protecting Life

Claudia Tenney believes strongly in the sanctity of life and has taken the lead to protect it by sponsoring many bills in the New York Assembly that would limit the expansion of abortion, including the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, of which she is the prime sponsor. She has consistently voted against bills that advocate late term abortion and taxpayer funding of late term abortion.

Standing up to Corruption

Claudia's record is a warning to the political elite in Washington. She will call out corruption and fight to end the cronyism. In Albany, she was the first public official to demand the resignation of longtime powerbroker, former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver when it was revealed he was using taxpayer money to cover up sexual harassment claims against his colleague. Claudia also stood up to Governor Cuomo by sponsoring legislation that would prohibit unnecessary and overreaching executive orders that by-pass the legislature. (See this article.)

Obama Trade

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal puts the U.S. on an uneven playing field by opening up trade with countries that cheat, manipulate currency, violate labor laws, pay low-wages, dump goods below production costs and ignore agreed-upon rules. America cannot afford the harmful consequences of this trade agreement. Claudia Tenney knows that we must reject the TPP so we can preserve American jobs and the sovereignty of our country. The TPP harms the American worker and benefits cronyist, multinational companies who cheat and violate trade laws. (See this article.)

Protecting Social Security and Medicare

For Claudia, protecting Social Security and Medicare is personal. Both of Claudia’s parents depended on Social Security and Medicare while elderly and sick. In Congress, she will oppose any benefit changes for those at or near retirement. To ensure this critical safety net remains in place for future generations, Claudia will fight for spending reform to get our country’s fiscal trajectory back on track. Claudia will also fight to repeal ObamaCare, eliminating its $800 billion cut to Medicare and $150 billion cut to Medicare Advantage.