Tenney to Brindisi: do you support impeaching the President again?

House Democrats pushing investigations, second impeachment Brindisi voted 3 times to impeach President

New Hartford, NY – Claudia Tenney, congressional candidate for NY-22, today called on Anthony Brindisi to tell voters if he intends to support another impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

“Anthony Brindisi claims to be bi-partisan in Congress, but since going to Washington he’s laser focused on removing President Trump from office, voting 3 times for impeachment,”Tenney said. “Now that Democratic leaders are gearing up for even more investigations and a historically unprecedentedpotential second impeachment, Brindisi needs to come clean with voters on where he stands with impeaching thePresident again.”

Following the President’s acquittal, Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team announced. plans to continueinvestigating the President and have even discussed the idea of impeaching him again. Brindisi, votes with President Trump less than 10% of the time, which is less than Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“The people of Upstate New York expect their representatives to work with the President on job creation, lowering the cost of prescription drugs and helping our veterans,” Tenney added. “They deserve to know whether Mr. Brindisi supports his colleagues’ efforts to once again impeach our President.”