Tenney Week in Review

It’s been another tough week for our small business community as we continue battling COVID-19 while trying desperately to get them help. We are working vigorously to safely open America and especially expediting the process of getting everyone back to work.

As I’ve said, the resilience of these businesses and our family business community is truly remarkable.

Unfortunately, we’ve also witnessed some of the worst from people this week. In particular, watching the Mainstream Media and Anthony Brindisi do a cover-up job on behalf of Joe Biden is troubling. Brindisi even had the gall to say the MSM is covering the Biden sexual assault allegations “fairly.”

We’ve also witnessed extremely distressing news come to light about the F.B.I.’s treatment of former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn. In 2018, the liberal MSM pilloried me for calling for former F.B.I. Director James Comey and others to be investigated for their mishandling of the Russian hoax among other issues.Turns out we were right.

That’s why I started an online petition re-upping calls to investigate Comey.

Other news from the campaign front:

1) Continued our push highlighting our new website BidenBrindisi.Com showing the disastrous plans Anthony Brindisi and his endorsed candidate Joe Biden have for America

2) Reminded voters of Anthony Brindisi’s broken promises when it comes to Spectrum Cable – this week was their fourth round of rate hikes since Brindisi entered office

3) Spoke with Bob Joseph on WNBF about getting our economy restarted and BidenBrindisi.Com

4) Called on large corporations to return small business funds taken from the PPP and proposed a plan for helping small business get the money they need.

We are grateful for your support and commitment to the great American comeback. Claudia