Tenney Met with Remington Plant Owner, Gets Jobs Promise

Claudia Tenney Working to Get Remington Employees Back to Work

Ilion, NY – Yesterday, (October 29th), Claudia Tenney again stood shoulder to shoulder with laid-off Remington workers who were demonstrating after being terminated by the old Remington Arms Company and losing their severance pay and benefits.

After reaching out to Richmond Italia, the principal owner of Roundhill Group which purchased the Ilion factory in the Remington Arms bankruptcy, Tenney met with Italia with other Herkimer County leaders to express the urgent concerns of the employees.

Tenney is endorsed by the Remington employees’ union, UMWA 717, in her run for Congress.

Italia told Tenney that his plans were to return the plant to operations as soon as in 75 days and eventually employ a workforce significantly larger than the plant’s previous headcount.

Claudia Tenney said: “Priority number one is making sure that contractual obligations are met and establishing a fair deal for the hardworking employees of the Remington plant going forward and ensuring that these well-paying jobs stay here in our community. Mr. Italia’s plans to bring back the jobs and grow the business are heartening. This plant has been making critical and high-quality products for over two centuries and should continue for generations to come. Bringing back the Remington plant to full production is essential for the entire Mohawk Valley.”