Law Enforcement Leaders & Officials Endorse Claudia Tenney
Tenney Will Stand Up for Police, EarnsTheir Support

Wampsville, NY – Yesterday, local law enforcement leaders and local officials endorsed Claudia Tenney for Congress in New York’s 22nd Congressional District. [Images and Endorsement Quotes Below]

Todd Hood, Sheriff of Madison County(title for identification purposes only),Assembly man John Salka, Dan Sisto and John Clark of the New York State Troopers’ PBA, and assistant district attorney for Madison County Sam Rodgers, who is running for the 53rd state senate district, joined together with other law enforcement officials to endorse Claudia Tenney for Congress at the Madison County Courthouse in Wampsville.

Tenney, a stalwart supporter of police, enjoys the endorsement of dozens of law enforcement officials across the 22nd District including the New York State Troopers PBA. Tenney called for federal intervention to halt New York’s disastrous bail reform in an op-ed in March 2020. [Read Tenney’s Op-ed Here]

Claudia Tenney said: “It is a privilege to stand with our local law enforcement – who protect and serve our communities so well. Our campaign is thankful for the support of Sheriff Hood, the New York State Troopers, and dozens of other law enforcement leaders. We will work tirelessly to live up to that trust. I have fought for our brave police and worked to secure what they need to effectively do their jobs. Unfortunately, radicals are pushing dangerous policies that will harm our communities and prevent the police from doing their important work.”

Todd Hood, Sheriff of Madison County, said: “I want to tell you why this is so important to us, getting [Claudia Tenney] in [Congress]. Bail reform in New York State has crippled our agencies and law enforcement. It’s made the citizens of New York State less safe. It’s absolutely dangerous the people that we are putting back on the streets that we are mandated to do with an appearance ticket for almost all E-felonies and below in New York state. … All these crime spikes in NYC and all these places and the rioting that’s going on is because of the lack of accountability. Police are not allowed to do their job. [Tenney] is opposed to the bail reform and that’s why it’s so important to get her into this position.”

Oswego &Madison County NY State Assemblyman John Salka said: “Nationwide we are witnessing an assaulton law enforcement and their ability to do their jobs and protect our communities. We have to stand united anddefend our men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. As a member of the New York State assembly I am proud to stand with Claudia Tenney, who is a tireless proponent of law enforcement, and look forward to working with her to assure that all New Yorkers are safe.”

Sam Rodgers, GOP candidate for NY State Senate and assistant district attorney for Madison County said: “As an Assistant District Attorney, I work with police officers daily. I see first-handthat they respond to the calls of any man, woman, or child who is in need.We need to be building bridges between our police officers and the communities they serve. Claudia defends the first amendment. She recognizes everyone’s rights to free speech and protest. Claudia understands that supporting Police Officers and our rights are not mutually exclusive.”

IMAGES (Credit: Claudia for Congress, 2020)

1) New York State Troopers PBA representives John Clark and Dan Sisto withClaudia Tenneyoutside Madison County Courthouse on August 26, 2020. https://mcusercontent.com/564424898e421264e0bbdea71/images/62dc86f7-cb62-4b7e-97d8-5e4bc469ae2c.jpg

2) Tenney speaks to media and supporters discusses law enforcement issues outside Madison County Courthouse on August 26, 2020. https://mcusercontent.com/564424898e421264e0bbdea71/images/a5769076-81a7-4051-9d8d-b4b08cc70a58.jpg

3) Sheriff Todd Hood endorses Claudia Tenney, discusses law enforcement issues outside Madison County Courthouse on August 26, 2020. https://mcusercontent.com/564424898e421264e0bbdea71/images/94658067-19d1-492a-97bd-fb867d0b64fb.jpg

Background on Anthony Brindisi’s Anti-Police Record

Meanwhile, Anthony Brindisi supported the House bill, H.R.7120, which would:

1. Allow trial lawyer lawsuits against police officers, making them financially liable, even though they are already subject to disciplinary and criminal sanctions for potential misconduct.

2. Make every accusation against any officer, no matter if its proven or not, public on an internet database. This opens the door to unwarranted harassment against police for false allegations.

3. Ban law enforcement agencies from receiving defense surplus items and equipment free of charge.

According to the Defense Logistics Agency, agencies in the 22nd District have received $3 million in equipment from this program while the Troopers have received millions more, resulting in taxpayer savings.

Items include thirty-five first aid kits for Norwich police, and radar detectors for the city of Oneida in Madison County. New York State Troopers have received valuable surplus equipment including binoculars, tool kits, helicopters, and a cargo plane.

“My opponent Anthony Brindisi has voted to defund the police by cutting off needed surplus equipment to law enforcement in our region including first aid kits, radar detectors, and heart defibrillators. He voted to allow trial lawyers like himself to personally bankrupt police officers, and publicly release unproven and false allegations against them. These anti-police policies cannot stand and when I am in Congress, I will fight them tooth and nail because I ‘back the blue,’”Tenney continued.