Tenney: Does Brindisi Back Biden’s Radical Pick for VP?
Brindisi Backed Biden Twice, Now He Can’t Run from Radical Harris

NY22 — In January 2019, Anthony Brindisi voted for Joe Biden for Speaker of the House. Then after months of silence, Brindisi endorsed Joe Biden for president in April. Now, Biden has endorsed the radical far-left agenda of Kamala Harris, picking her as his running mate.

QUESTION: does Brindisi stand with Kamala Harris and Biden’s extreme agenda?

Claudia Tenney said:

“Brindisi pretends to be a moderate ‘Blue Dog’ Democrat but he rolls over for the radical left every chance he gets. Kamala Harris is an extreme candidate. Brindisi’s choices for president and vice president want to cozy up to Communist China, defund the police, throw open our borders to dangerous criminals and smugglers, raise our taxes, and take away our healthcare choices. We need a Member of Congress who will stand-up for Sangerfield, not San Francisco, for Binghamton not Brooklyn.”

The FACTS on Radical Agenda of Biden-Harris Ticket

Biden is soft on China, says US shouldn’t “worry about China”: “Former vice president Joe Biden on Wednesday dismissed the notion that the United States should be worried about China as a geopolitical competitor.”

Harris wants to “defund the police,”applauds $150 million cut to LAPD: “She has responded by trying to clarify what police defunding means and to argue that it’s not the radical move that opponents portray it as.”

Harris compared ICE to Klan, wants to defund Border Patrol and the Wall

Harris wants to raise taxes considerably to fund her TRILLIONS in newspending

Biden-Sanders “Unity” Plan Sets Up Socialist Healthcare