Claudia Tenney Praises UAE – Israel Deal, Trump’s Role
A longtime and strong friend of Israel, Tenney is pleased with agreement

NY22 — Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s 22nd District, Claudia Tenney today praised the UAE-Israel agreement to establish diplomatic ties. Tenney, who defended Israel’s security in Congress and visited Israel in 2019, believes the deal opens the door to greater peace in the region.

QUESTION: does Brindisi stand with Kamala Harris and Biden’s extreme agenda?

Claudia Tenney said:

“Brindisi pretends to be a moderate ‘Blue Dog’ Democrat but he rolls over for the radical left every chance he gets. Kamala Harris is an extreme candidate. Brindisi’s choices for president and vice president want to cozy up to Communist China, defund the police, throw open our borders to dangerous criminals and smugglers, raise our taxes, and take away our healthcare choices. We need a Member of Congress who will stand-up for Sangerfield, not San Francisco, for Binghamton not Brooklyn.”

Claudia Tenney said:

“As a steadfast supporter of Israel, I applaud the groundbreaking deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. President Trump deserves an immense amount of credit. His leadership and dedication helped to make this agreement possible and it brings us all closer to a lasting peace in the Middle East built both on the security of Israel and justice for all parties. In Congress, I fought hard to protect and defend America’s great ally Israel on a number of issues including, pushing to have the American embassy moved to Jerusalem and to guarantee American security assistance. When I return, I will continue to do so. Last year, I had the privilege of visiting Israel again and the visited Judea and Samaria and gained an even greater appreciation for the challenges of securing peace and prosperity for all involved. Today, the UAE joins with Egypt and Jordan in recognizing Israel and its right to exist peacefully. This is a positive step forward for Israel, the Arab states, and the entire world.”

In Congress, Tenney sought justice for victims of terrorism in Israel, advocated for the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem, and advanced legislation to promote Israel’s security through military prowess. Last year, Tenney traveled to Israel and visited Jersusalem, the Holy sites, Judea and Samaria with a delegation.