Tenney: Parents & Teachers Deserve a Plan for Re-Opening Schools
Local Communities Deserve Flexibility & Input On Schools Re-Opening

Statement by Claudia Tenney on New York’s Lack of Schools Re-opening Plan

Republican candidate for Congress Claudia Tenney said of Governor Cuomo’s lack of a plan for re-opening schools:

“Every state across the region has a plan for school re-openings – except New York. Governor Cuomo has failed yet again in his duty to Empire State residents to plan and make necessary accommodations for their children. Parents deserve to know what their children’s schools will be doing to provide an education to students in a safe and productive environment. Upstate New York communities deserve to have input on how their schools operate in a Covid-19 world. Parents, teachers, and school leaders need answers and Cuomo’s poor leadership puts them in an impossible position. It is unacceptable for Albany insiders to dictate a one-size-fits-all plan for New York. Central New York and the Southern Tier have the capability and know-how to make the right decision for their students, parents, and faculty. We must empower local and regional leaders to plan for and execute a safe and successful re-opening of schools.”