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Claudia Tenney questions a New York State nursing home rule

“GOP Congressional candidate Claudia Tenney is joining a chorus of other Republicans in the state in questioning New York’s handling of nursing homes during the pandemic

“Tenney is particularly critical of a rule issued by the Cuomo administration in March that required nursing homes to accept COVID-19 positive patients coming out of hospitals.

“The former Congresswoman says the mandate put other vulnerable seniors at risk…

“In terms of reimbursing hospitals versus a nursing home, because of the acuity level of care, nursing homes tend to get less reimbursement than a hospital would. And so it concerns me that I don’t know if the Governor was cutting corners and moving people into nursing homes but then putting seniors at grave risk,” says Tenney.

“Tenney is calling on the US Justice Department and the state’s Medicaid Inspector General to investigate the mandate…”

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