Tenney Ad Exposes Brindisi’s Empty Promises on Spectrum

NY22—Today, Claudia Tenney, Republican candidate for Congress for the 22ndDistrict, launched a district-wide television ad campaign on Anthony Brindisi’s empty Spectrum promises.

Claudia Tenney said,“Anthony Brindisi got elected to Congress promising to hold Spectrum accountable – those are his words. Since Anthony Brindisi has been elected to Congress, Spectrum has raised rates SIXtimes all while Anthony Brindisi has taken over $360,000 in corporate PAC money from Spectrum-backed PACs.”

Tenney continued,“Voters are sick and tired of empty promises from do-nothing politicians. He complains loudly but takes Spectrum’s money and gets nothing done when people are suffering from Spectrum’s constant price hikes and unreliable service. We will tell people the truth and fight for affordable, high-quality options.”

The 30-second ad, “Ripped Off,” (view it here) will air in the Syracuse, Binghamton, and Utica media markets on broadcast television and on cable on the Fox News Channel.

“Ripped Off,” Claudia Tenney for Congress, released August 5, 2020

TENNEY: I’m Claudia Tenney and I approved this message.

ANNC: Anthony Brindisi got elected promising to…

BRINDISI:“…hold Spectrum accountable.”

ANNC: He hasn’t. Since Brindisi took office, Spectrum’s raised rates six times.

What’s he done? Talk. The money talks, too.

Behind closed doors, Brindisi’s taken three-hundred-sixty grand from groups backed by Spectrum Cable’s corporate PAC.

Sixty thousand bucks for every time they’ve raised rates under his watch

Sixty thousand bucks for every time they’ve raised rates under his watch

BRINDISI:“You’re getting ripped off.”

ANNC:We sure are. You can’t spell Brindisi without BS.


Since Anthony Brindisi took office promising to “hold Spectrum accountable,” the cable giant has raised cable rates four separate times including increasing non-optional fees (i.e. the broadcast fee), channel package fees, and equipment rental fees and increased internet service rates two times.

Brindisi has taken nearly $370,000 from Spectrum-affiliated committees. While he issues frequently Spectrum’s treatment of its customers, Brindisi has not achieved anything to stop the rate hikes and poor service. Spectrum spent tens of millions lobbying Congress and Democrats in the state legislature to keep its monopoly and government subsidies.

Those six increases and Spectrum’s poor-quality service put an undue burden on the residents of New York’s 22nd District. Many customers live on fixed-incomes, work from home, or have limited mobility. They rely on cable television, internet access, and telephone lines to communicate and receive information – watch the news, receive weather alerts, pay bills, work their jobs, run businesses, and educate their children.