TenneyAd Reveals Brindisi’s Lies & Broken Promises
Brindisi lied on Impeachment and Defund the Police Votes

NY22—Today, Claudia Tenney, Republican candidate for Congress for the 22nd District, released a new ad “Lied” highlighting Anthony Brindisi’s record of broken promises and outright lies on impeachment and supporting law enforcement. When it matters, Brindisi always votes in lockstep with the radical left and Nancy Pelosi.

Watch the 30-second ad, “Lied” Here:https://youtu.be/YGCXuFBtBXA

This message will air district-wideon heavy rotation.

Tenney spokesman Sean Kennedy said: “The voters are sick and tired of Anthony Brindisi’s broken promises and lies. Brindisi repeatedly promised us he wouldn’t support impeaching President Trump, then he voted to impeach the President three times. What promise won’t Brindisi break to please the radical left and Nancy Pelosi? Claudiawill always tell the truth and stand on principle because the people deserve honest leaders, not more lies.”


1. Brindisi said he would NOT vote to impeach President Trump THEN, Brindisi voted FOR Impeachment THREE TIMES.

2. Brindisi voted to DEFUND the Police:

– Anthony Brindisi votedagainst a resolutionto honor George Floyd and condemn “defund the police” pushes, rioting, looting, and the destruction of property including historical statues.

– Brindisi also supported Pelosi’s anti-police bill, H.R.7120, which would:

Allowtrial lawyers like Brindisi to sue police officers personally, making them financially liable, even though they are already subject to disciplinary and criminal sanctions for potential misconduct.

Make every accusation against any officer, even unproven or false ones, public on an internet database. This opens the door to unwarranted harassment against police for false allegations.

Ban law enforcement agencies from receiving defense surplus items and equipment free of charges.

According to theDefense Logistics Agencyagencies in the 22nd District have received $3 million in equipment from this program while the Troopers have received millions more, resulting in taxpayer savings.

Items include thirty-five (35) first-aid kits for the Norwich police, and radar detectors for the city of Oneida in Madison County, and heart defibrillators/resuscitators for the Endicott police department. New York State Police have also received valuable surplus equipment including binoculars, tool kits, helicopters, and a cargo plane.