New Claudia Tenney Ads Hit Brindisi for Anti-Police Record
Tenney Backs the Blue, Opposes Radical Left’s Defund Agenda

NY22—Today, Claudia Tenney, Republican candidate for Congress for the 22ndDistrict, launched her second round of television ads exposing Anthony Brindisi’s radical anti-police positions and showing her support for law enforcement.

Claudia Tenney said: “No matter what Anthony Brindisi says, when it mattered, he voted withthe radical left and Nancy Pelosi to defund and undermine law enforcement. Our police need action, not phony promises. The Brindisi-Pelosi agenda is anti-police, plain and simple. In Congress, I will defend our brave men and women of lawenforcement and ensure ourpolice have all the resources and tools they need to protect and serve because I actually ‘Back theBlue.'”

Tenney, a stalwart supporter of police, enjoys the endorsement of dozens of law enforcement officials across the 22ndDistrict including theNew York State Troopers PBA.

The two 30-second ads, “Protect” and “Handcuffs,” will run in the Utica and Binghamton markets and Syracuse market, respectively.

The first ad, “Protect,” features two police officers standing side-by-side discussing Brindisi’s anti-police positions. It features Police Officer Daniel Salce (left) a representative of the Sherrill Policeman’s Benevolent Association (PBA), and Police Officer Chad Murphy (right), a representative of the Camden Policeman’s Benevolent Association (PBA). The ad highlights how the Brindisi-Pelosi agenda undermines law enforcement. [Watch “Protect” here – transcript below]

The second ad, “Handcuffs,” produced in conjunction with the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), discusses Brindisi’s disastrous policies that would endanger American citizens and harm the brave men and women of law enforcement by releasing dangerous criminals and allowing frivolous lawsuits against officers. [Watch “Handcuffs” here – transcript below]


1. Anthony Brindisi voted against a resolution to honor George Floyd and condemn “defund the police” pushes, rioting, looting, and the destruction of property including historical statues.

2. Brindisi also supported Pelosi’s anti-police bill,H.R.7120, which would:

2a. Allow trial lawyers like Brindisi to sue police officers personally, making them financially liable, even though they are already subject to disciplinary and criminal sanctions for potential misconduct.

2b. Make every accusation against any officer, even unproven or false ones, public on an internet database. This opens the door to unwarranted harassment against police for false allegations.

2c. Ban law enforcement agencies from receiving defense surplus items and equipment free of charges.

According to the Defense Logistics Agency agencies in the 22nd District have received $3 million in equipment from this program while the Troopers have received millions more, resulting in taxpayer savings.

Items include thirty-five (35) first-aid kits for the Norwich police, and radar detectors for the city of Oneida in Madison County, and heart defibrillators/resuscitators for the Endicott police department. New York State Troopers have also received valuable surplus equipment including binoculars, tool kits, helicopters, and a cargo plane.

Ad #1 Transcript: “Protect”

Disclaimer: “I’m Claudia Tenney and I approved this message.” Salce/Murphy: “We were sworn to serve and protect. Anthony Brindisi was, too. The difference is, he’s failed to do his duty. He only serves his party. And Protects Nancy Pelosi. He pandered to the cop-haters pushing Defund the Police. Defunding us. Jeopardizing you. And Brindisi voted with Pelosi to release dangerous prisoners early. So before it’s too late… Defund Brindisi.” (V/O) Pro cop? Please. You can’t spell Brindisi without B.S.

Ad #2 Script: “Handcuffs” (hybrid ad with NRCC)

Disclaimer: “I’m Claudia Tenney and I approved this message.” “V/O: As our President, Donald Trump has put law enforcement first. Trump and Claudia Tenney agree: Stop coddling criminals, no early release, no Defund the Police. But Pelosi and Anthony Brindisi want to handcuff local law enforcement. Their bill makes it easier for criminals to file frivolous lawsuits against cops. And Brindisi backed Pelosi on early release for prisoners, even murderers and rapists. Pro-cop? Please. You can’t spell Brindisi without B S.”