TENNEY: President’s Duty To Fill VacancyWithout Delay

SCOTUS Nominee Should Be Guided by Commitment to Constitution

NY22 – Claudia Tenney, Republican candidate for New York’s 22nd Congressional District, encouraged President Donald Trump to fulfill his Constitutional duty to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice and asked that the Senate provide its “advice and consent” on the nominee without delay.

Claudia Tenney said: “President Trump has an obligation set forth by the US Constitution to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court. President Trump should appoint a fair-minded, Constitutionally-guided jurist to the highest court of the land as soon as reasonably possible. The Senate, as prescribed by our system of ‘checks and balances,’ should provide its ‘advice and consent.’ President Trump and the Republican-led Senate were elected by the American people to govern and to do the people’s business, they should fulfill that obligation without delay.”

Tenney, an attorney admitted to the US Supreme Court bar, noted that both the Constitution and precedent require that the sitting president and current Senate act on a judicial vacancy promptly.

Tenney continued: “The American people need a judge, guided first and foremost by the Constitution and the law, not political expediency nor outside pressure. The Court must always be a refuge for those seeking redress against government overreach and be committed to our Founders’ vision of a republic of laws, not of men.”