Eric Trump & Claudia Tenney Hold Massive Tele-Townhall
Over 8,000 SupportersBack Tenney, President Trump

NY22 – Last night at 6PM, Eric Trump, the son of President Donald Trump, joined Claudia Tenney in a massive tele-townhall to support Tenney’s campaign for Congress and the President’s re-election.

With over 8,000 supporters in attendance, Eric encouraged everyone to make their voices heard this election and support Claudia Tenney for Congress. Eric and Claudia discussed law and order, middle-class tax cuts, supporting our veterans, and Anthony Brindisi’s broken promise to not vote to impeach the President, before voting three times for impeachment.

Partial transcript below:

CLAUDIA TENNEY:“This is the most important election of our lifetime. And we are so honored to have the endorsement of President Trump and the first family. And as you know, President Trump visited us in 2018, as did Eric, Ivanka, and Don Jr. And we are excited here to have Eric on the line with us today. Eric is going to be getting us excited and talking about how we have to take back this very important House seat. It is the most important House seat right now, the most importat one in the House that we can really take back, to change the makeup of Washington. We’re really excited about having Eric on here to give us a pep talk. Remember, Anthony Brindisisaid he wasn’t going to go to Washington to impeach our great president, but he did three times. We need to hold him accountable. We need everyone to vote. You can’t just vote for the president. You got to vote for all of our great Republican candidates down the line. It is important that President Trump has someone like me who’s going to work with him and go through and make sure that we build on all the great things that happened in my first term. We need to get back to that, growing our economy, holding China accountable.We are really excited to have the support again of President Trump.”

ERIC TRUMP: “It’s an honor to call you [Claudia] a friend. My father loves you. We as a family love you … And we’re going to win this thing. We’re going to win together. My father’s going to win it and you’re going to win. And where you take back the house and we’re going to hold the Senate and we’re going have another incredible Supreme Court justice very soon … [The Democrats are] just a crazy left-wing party and we simply cannot let them take office. And that’s why voting down ballot is so critically important. So, the one thing I can promise to all of you, if you get out and vote, we’re going to win this thing. I mean, we’re going to win every single day. I spend a lot of time in New York and everywhere. But the enthusiasm out there, guys, is incredible … God bless you all. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for the support of my father. You make us proud every single day as he makes me proud every single day. But we will never, ever let you down and we will never, ever stop working. And I promise you, November 3rd is going to be an amazing, amazing day for not only New York and not only Claudia, but for all of you and our incredible big country. So, thank you all. I can’t wait to see you in person. And Claudia, thank you for everything.”