***NY22 Alert***

Claudia Tenney Confident of Victory for Congress

Returns Show Tenney with Strong Lead in Congressional Race

Vernon, NY – Claudia Tenney, Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s 22ndDistrict, addressed a room filled with supporters and declared that she has confidence that her campaign will prevail after all the votes are counted.

While the county boards of election continue to count the votes in NY22, returns suggest that the voters of Central New York and the Southern Tier will send Claudia Tenney back to Congress to represent them in Washington. Tenney leads Anthony Brindisi by over 30,000 votes by midnight on election day. Even withoutstanding absentee ballots, Brindisi’s path to victory is extremely narrow.

On election night, Tenney supporters gathered at the Nothin’ Fancy Cafe in Vernon, New York to watch returns. Her son, Trey, introduced Claudia saying “I don’t know anyone with as much grit as my mom.”

Claudia Tenney said:

“Based on early returns, I am confident that our campaign will prevail. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring support for our campaign. I want to thank our volunteers and supporters for all their hard work and the voters of the 22nd District for their confidence.Voters here know that our country and our communities are worth fighting for and I will carry that fight to Washington. America and Upstate New York need champions that will always put the people first. I pledge to always put Central New York and the Southern Tier first. The work to MakeUpstate New York and the United States of America Great Again has only just begun.”

“I’ve spoken to White House officials and they are on top of it. The message has gotten to President Trump. The Treasury Department and Department of Labor are engaged.You will not be forgotten and I will keep fighting for your livelihoods, rights, and our community because it’s the right thing to do.

Tenney, who has endorsed by UMWA 717 in every campaign since 2012, stood with workers against the mistreatment and union contract violations. Claudia spoke to the gathered crowd in support of the workers and pledged to fight to ensure the terms of the union contract were fulfilled.

Tenney said:

“I’ve reviewed the union contract and it looks clear to me, as an attorney, that the terms of this agreement must be satisfied.”

Over the weekend, nearly 600 Remington employees received notice that they were laid-off permanently and their healthcare, severance, and other benefits were terminated as of October 31, 2020.