NY22 Debate: Tenney Triumphs Over Scrambling Brindisi

Brindisi Runs From Anti-Police, Pro-Pelosi, 3x Impeaching Record

NY22 – Tonight, in the third NY22 debate, Claudia Tenney showed why the voters of New York’s 22nd District will send her to Congress and Anthony Brindisi packing on November 3rd.

Claudia Tenney, who raised her US Marine Captain son as a single mother while running a small business, made the strong case that she understands the struggles and dreams of Central New York and Southern Tier voters. She addressedre-opening the economy, supporting our police, helping seniors and small businesses, and prioritizing our veterans over illegal aliens.

Meanwhile, Brindisi ran from his record and dodged hard questions repeatedly. He refused to explain why he voted for the anti-police bill to strip law enforcement of critical equipment, allow trial lawyers like himself to personally bankrupt cops with frivolous lawsuits, and to post disproven complaints against innocent officers online allowing radicals to harass and threaten them. Brindisi even took $10,000 cash from the trial lawyer lobby before the vote to enrich them and his family’s law firm.

That’s why nearly all police organizations and officials– numerouslocal sheriffs, the NYS Troopers and State PoliceInvestigators, and 15 local police associations –in the district and across New Yorkstate aresupporting Claudia Tenney’s campaign. Supporters include the Police Conference of New York encompassing the Binghamton PBA, the Utica PBA, the Rome PBA, the Endicott PBA, Herkimer PBA, Sherrill PBA, and Camden PBA. They know she will always ‘Back the Blue.’

Two weeks ago, local police officials wrote an open letter to Brindisi on his anti-police record, demanding answers.

Tenney showed that Brindisi’s entire tenure in Congress is a sham — so he resorted todiscredited,tired, and falseattacks. Remember when Brindisi said he’d hold Spectrum accountable? Under Brindisi,Spectrum rates have gone up 7 times since he took office while he took nearly $400,000 from Spectrum-affiliated PACS.

After pocketing millions in backdoor cash from Spectrum and tens of thousands from Impeachment kingpin Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, Brindisi’s phony persona as an everyman was laid bare.

In contrast to Brindisi’s ducking and weaving, Tenney looked the voters straight in the eye and set the record straight. Brindisi’s megarich liberal donors and insiders don’t decide who goesto Congress, Upstate New York’s hardworking, cop-backing, and freedom-loving voters do.

We would ask you to tune in next time but Brindisi refused to debate when WBNG-TV, WIBX, WUTQ, and the Rome Chamber all asked him to. He’s running scared — for good reason.