NY22 WSKG Debate: Tenney Trounces Brindisi AGAIN

Brindisi Dodges & Distracts on His Tax, Spend, & Defund Agenda

NY22 – Tonight, in the second NY22 debate, Claudia Tenney exposed Anthony Brindisi’s lies and showed why the voters of New York’s 22nd District will elect her on November 3rd.


Tenney, a Marine Mom who raised her son as a single mother, made clear her commitment bringing back our economy through effective COVID relief for small businesses, workers, and local governments and schools.

Meanwhile, Brindisi doubled down on Obamacare – a system that is failing Americans as average family premiums have risen dramatically, now over $21,000 per year. Deductibles have quadrupled under Obamacare – making healthcare inaccessible even for those with insurance policies.

Tenney highlighted her support for police with the endorsements from across the district and state including local the New York State Troopers and Investigators, the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association, numerous local sheriffs, 15 local police organizations including the Binghamton PBA, the Utica PBA, the Rome PBA, the Endicott PBA, Herkimer PBA, Sherrill PBA, and Camden PBA.

Last week, local police officials wrote an open letter to Brindisi on his anti-police record, demanding answers.

Tenney’s support for law enforcement stands in stark contrast to Brindisi who voted for Pelosi’s anti-police bill, HR 7120, which strips equipment from local police departments and allows trial lawyers like Brindisi to sue police personally and bankrupt them even if they are innocent. Brindisi even took $10,000 cash from the trial lawyer lobby before the vote to enrich them and his family’s law firm.

In reply, Brindisi stumbled through his answer – failing to explain his anti-police vote and why police are not supporting his campaign. He listed off a series of bills he introduced only after Tenney called out his anti-police vote and have not moved in the House and Pelosi and AOC will never allow them to.

Shockingly, Brindisi flatly refused to renounce the radical left’s Court Packing scheme. He falsely stated that Democrats aren’t planning to pack the Court.

Brindisi also didn’t rule out a carbon tax that would devastate Upstate farmers and businesses, especially manufacturing.

With seven Spectrum rate hikes since Brindisi took office, Tenney noted Brindisi has done nothing to follow through on his pledge to “hold Spectrum accountable.” In fact, Brindisi has taken nearly $400,0000 in backdoor cash from Spectrum as WSKG reported.

As Brindisi dodged and distracted, Tenney made a clear case for her campaign – and why she will be the leader, doer, and fighter NY22 deserves. Anthony Brindisi failed to explain his 90% Pelosi voting record, his anti-police votes, and open borders extremist record.