BrindisiReturns to NY22 Empty-handed, OnlyEmpty Promises
Congress Adjourns Without COVID Relief for NY22 Families, Businesses

NY22 – As Congress adjourns until Election Day, Anthony Brindisi failed yet again to deliver for New York’s 22nd District and America. After countless empty promises, NY22’s struggling workers, families, farmers, and small businesses got no relief from Anthony Brindisi.

Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats refused to put forward a reasonable COVID recovery bill to relieve the suffering of Upstate New York’s families, jobless, and small businesses.

Claudia Tenney spokesmanSean Kennedysaid: “Anthony Brindisi has failed to get the work of the people of New York’s 22nd District done yet again. Brindisi did nothing to get the second round of vital COVID relief delivered for middle-class families, suffering workers, and struggling small businesses. Brindisi promised he would deliver more money for law enforcement, but Pelosi and the radical left actually cut money to police and first responders by $600 million. Brindisi is part of the most dysfunctional, least productive Congress in history and voted to defund our police, release violent criminals, and hand out $1,200 stimulus checks to illegal immigrants. Brindisi and his left-wing priorities are the problem, not the solution for Upstate New York.”

FLASHBACK:In May, Brindisi voted for the HEROES Act which would:

Abolish Voter ID and endanger our election security;

Expedite the release of violent criminals;

Give $1,200 stimulus checks and amnesty to illegal aliens.