Why Won’t Brindisi Say if He’s for Packing Supreme Court?
Like Biden, Brindisi Dodges Question on Hard Left Court Plan

NY22— Anthony Brindisi refused to answer a direct question on the hard left’s plan to stack the US Supreme Court with leftists if they take power.

In a virtual forum last week, a student and voter directly asked Brindisi if he would support Joe Biden’s effort if he tried to pack the Supreme Court. Brindisi dodged, saying its “premature to really discuss that.”


STUDENT: “One position of Joe Biden’s has been pretty unclear is whether or not as president, he plans on packing the Supreme Court. In the event that [Biden] tries to do this, would you as a Congressman support or oppose him on this?

BRINDISI: I think its premature to really discuss that, you know.

Recall, Anthony Brindisi endorsed Joe Biden for President and Biden recently said: “You’ll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over.

NY-22 voters should NOT have to wait for Anthony Brindisi’s answer until afterelection day.

Kamala Harris was called out repeatedly by multiple mainstream media outlets for her refusal to answer the question during last week’s Vice Presidential Debate, previously saying “everything is on the table.”