Brindisi: I’m gonna support Joe
Comes as no surprise
Brindisi sheepishly admits in live radio

New Hartford, NY – It took some prodding and then finally being cornered by a local sports radio host for Anthony Brindisi to admit what everyone knew – he’s all in for Joe Biden. On ESPN Syracuse, Brindisi, admitted in almost a throwaway line that he’s going to support Joe Biden.

Brindisi’s curious silence comes as multiple Democratic leaders across the country are coalescing around their presumptive nominee.

“The Biden-Brindisi ticket of raising taxes, socialized medicine, the Green New Deal and late term abortion in no way reflects the values of Upstate New York,” Claudia Tenney, Republican candidate for NY-22 said. “Anthony Brindisi voted three times to impeach President Trump and it’s clear he’s all in for Joe Biden and his agenda to undo the gains President Trump has made.”

Of course, the endorsement of Biden is consistent with another politically motivated decision he made when he voted to support Biden as the Speaker of the House. That vote was nothing more than a show vote to appease the overwhelming dislike for Speaker Pelosi.

Nonetheless, on substantive legislation, Anthony Brindisi votes more than 90% of the time with far left Nancy Pelosi and only 10% of the time with President Trump. Brindisi remains silent on Pelosi’s refusal to fund much needed relief to small businesses.

“Our country is facing an epic battle against an invisible enemy, and more than ever the people of Upstate New York and America need strong leadership, not elected officials who dodge the big decisions. Brindisi has proven repeatedly that he is indecisive and will wait to see which way the political winds are blowing before making a decision,” Tenney said.