Brindisi is running
Running from voting record & Sanders

Votes 8.8% with Trump, lower than Sanders and Pelosi
Trump endorsed Tenney as best ally to defeat Brindisi

New Hartford, NY – Anthony Brindisi makes it official today that he’s running for re-election. If the last couple weeks are any indication, his announcement will include running from his anti-Trump, pro-Bernie Sanders, pro-impeachment voting record. According to FiveThirtyEight, Brindisi votes 8.8% of the time with President Trump’s agenda, lower than Senator Sanders at 12.6% and Nancy Pelosi at 18%.

“Anthony Brindisi spent the last 13 months voting for a pro-impeachment, pro-Sanders, anti-Trump agenda. Now he’s desperately backpedaling because he knows the people of our district don’t support his far left agenda,” Claudia Tenney, congressional candidate for NY-22, said. “President Trump endorsed our campaign because he knows I will beat Anthony Brindisi and support his pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda that we jump started for Upstate New York.”

Brindisi is running from his record:

Voting for Medicare for All as a New York Assemblyman, now claiming he doesn’t support it. Voting for President Trump’s impeachment 3 times, then declaring last week no one cares about his votes. Once espousing support for Bernie Sanders, now curiously not so supportive as Sanders is poised to take the Democratic nomination for president. Claiming he wants to work with President Trump, then voting only 8.8% of the time with the President’s agenda, lower than Sanders & Pelosi.

“Upstate New York deserves a representative who is honest and supports the values of New York 22, not someone who at home says one thing then votes with Bernie Sanders in Washington,” Tenney said. “I will, as I always have, remain true to our values and work with President Trump to deliver results; grow jobs and our already strong economy, protect small business and lower prescription drug costs.”

Claudia Tenney recently secured President Donald J. Trump’s endorsement and last week achieved Contender status in the NRCC Young Guns program.