Brindisi’s extreme view on abortion

Refuses to call baby in womb a human
Votes to support late term abortion procedures

New Hartford, NY – Anthony Brindisi continued his sprint to the far-left last week by refusing to call a baby in the womb a human and voting against a bill that would protect infants who survive an abortion.

“Anthony Brindisi’s extreme views on abortion are an affront to the voters of Upstate New York who do not support killing babies who survive abortion,” NY-22 Congressional Candidate Claudia Tenney said. “Congressman Brindisi likes to call himself a moderate but voting against saving the lives of newborns who survive an abortion is flat out extreme.”

When pressed by a voter at a town hall last week to give a “yes or no answer” to whether a baby in the womb is human, Brindisi deflected and said he would leave it up to “scientists.”

“The people of New York 22 deserve a representative who is honest about where they stand on the issues and whose views are representative of their district,” Tenney added.

Anthony Brindisi voted 3 times to impeach President Trump and has an 8.8% voting record with the President’s agenda.