Brindisi DodgesDebates, Tenney Accepts Six Debates

Brindisi is Refusing Debatesto Hide From His Record

NY22 – Claudia Tenney, Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s 22nd Congressional District, announced that she has accepted six (6) debates before the voters of the district. Meanwhile, Anthony Brindisi has refused to accept or formally declined multiple public candidate forums.

In July, Claudia Tenney challenged Brindisi to at least eight (8) debates across NY-22.

To true her word, Tenney has so far accepted the following six (6) invitations to debate across the district including:

– WBNG-TV (CBS/CW affiliate in Binghamton area)

– WUTQ Radio (100.7 FM – Utica)

– WUTR- TV (Utica)/ News Channel 34 (Binghamton) / WSYR-TV (Syracuse)

– WIBX Radio (950 AM – Utica)

– Professional & Business Women of Rome and Rome Chamber of Commerce

– Spectrum News

In contrast, Brindisi has only accepted four (4) of these six debates, declining to participate or refusing to answer multipleinvitations to address the issuesbefore the voters of New York’s 22ndDistrict.

Claudia Tenney said: “I have welcomed all fair and open opportunities to address the voters of the 22nd District. All constituents deserve to hear from those who wish to represent them in Congress. I have accepted these six debate invitations. My opponent has only accepted four. As always, I am standing up for transparency with the voters. It is disappointing that Anthony Brindisi is dodging debates because he does not want to be accountable for his record of broken promises and his support for the radical left-wing policies of Nancy Pelosi including impeaching President Trump with no-evidence, defunding the police, raising taxes on middle-class families, and a government takeover of our healthcare.”