TENNEY AD: Democrat Calls BS on Brindisi’s Spectrum Lies
Voters Are Sick and Tired of Empty Promises, No Results Brindisi

NY22—Today, Claudia Tenney, Republican candidate for Congress for the 22nd District, launched a new television ad featuring a registered Democrat voter, Reyne Mattie, expressing her anger at Anthony Brindisi over his Spectrum lies.

Brindisi promised to “hold Spectrum accountable” but the cable monopoly has raised rates six times under his watch. Meanwhile, Brindisi has taken nearly $400,000 in PAC money from groups funded by Spectrum. He even publicly admitted his failure to get anything done on Spectrum.

The 30-second ad, “These People,” will run in the Utica, Binghamton and Syracuse markets. [Watch the ad “These People” Here] [Transcript below]

Claudia Tenney said: “Anthony Brindisi got elected in 2018 promising to hold spectrum accountable and not support Nancy Pelosi or her far left agenda. It didn’t take him long to get to D.C. and break those promises. Brindisi took cash from Spectrum-backed corporate PACs while Spectrum raised rates on us six times since he was elected. In Congress, Brindisi has backed Pelosi’s socialist agenda nearly 90% of the time and voted to impeach President Trump three times after promising he wouldn’t. Actions speak louder than empty words and the voters are learning that Brindisi is all talk. I will always tell the truth and fight for our middle class, seniors, veterans, and small businesses – not make fake promises to get elected.”

Ad Transcript for “These People”

BRINDISI 2018 AD:“I can…Hold Spectrum accountable.”

MATTIE:That just ticks me off.He lied right to our faces.

ANNC: Brindisi let Spectrum raise rates 6 times.

…while pocketing a fortune from Spectrum-linked PACs.

Now he admits: “Have I been as successful as I’d like to be? I have not.”

MATTIE: Brindisi is cozying up with these people, lining his pockets.

People say you can’t spell Brindisi without BS. And it’s true.

Even though I’m a Democrat, I cannot support Anthony Brindisi.

TENNEY: I’m Claudia Tenney and I approved this message.