Brindisi Puts Communist China Ahead of Upstate – Again!
Tenney Fights to Hold China Accountable & Protect American Jobs

NY22 – On Friday July 24th, Rep. Anthony Brindisi fell in line with Nancy Pelosi once again and voted to protect the dangerous Communist Chinese regime instead of holding them accountable. Brindisi voted against a bipartisan initiative, Roll Call #165, that would have fully funded the “Countering China Influence” fund at the State Department. Brindisi, and the Pelosi Democrats cut this Fund budget by more than $100 million which was intended to shield the US against China’s aggressive power here and abroad.

Congressional candidate Claudia Tenney said, “Brindisi’s Pro-Chinese Communist Party votes are just more broken promises and empty rhetoric from a politician all too familiar with both. Brindisi is selling out Upstate New York jobs and endangering American national security. Our region cannot afford to lose any more jobs to China while it lies about the Coronavirus pandemic, cheats in the world economy, and steals our intellectual property. We must hold China accountable and defend America’s interests – the best way to do that is to vote Brindisi out in November.”

Brindisi’s vote to slash a fund that was intended “to expand U.S. partnerships and counter Chinese pressure globally” by supporting key allies with technical and financial assistance, is just the latest example of him siding with Pelosi and protecting Beijing.

In late June, Brindisi voted with Pelosi against a resolution condemning China’s despicable hacking of American COVID-19 vaccine research.

“America has a choice to make – back down in fear of China or stand up and defend ourselves. While Brindisi cowers, I choose to fight – for our jobs, for our rights, and for our country,” Tenney said.

Meanwhile, Claudia Tenney has been a leader on holding China accountable for years. Before entering Congress, Ms. Tenney argued for a crackdown on China’s intellectual property theft in 2016.

She continued to defend US interests against China and protect American jobs in Congress, working on defending against malicious Chinese influence in American businesses and universities. Recently, she has been a leader on holding Beijing to account for its coverup and criminal actions related to the coronavirus’ spread.