Brindisi on attacks: “I don’t have an opinion…not a pundit.”

NY22 – Last week, Anthony Brindisi refused to condemn anti-police violence again. On WIBX Radio, when asked by a woman caller to condemn attacks on police, Brindisi said “I don’t have an opinion. Look, I’m not going to play national pundit.” [Transcript and audio below]

Brindisi’s refusal to condemn the violent ambush of two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies comes as two Louisville Police officers were shot and wounded during protests on September 23rd, and two more LAPD officers were attacked separately on Saturday at their precincts.

In June, Brindisi voted for Pelosi’s anti-police bill to defund local police departments by stripping them of vital equipment, allow trial lawyers like himself to sue and bankrupt individual officers, and subject innocent officers to harassment by posting unfounded and disproven complaints on the internet.

On May 31st, Brindisi marched with protesters holding signs with vulgar, anti-police sentiments including:

– F— 12

– ACAB [All Cops are B—ds]

– End Right-Wing Terrorism

[See WIBX Photos below or VIDEO here]

Tenney Spokesman Sean Kennedy said: “Anthony Brindisi does not stand with law enforcement or stand up for public safety, he votes with AOC and Nancy Pelosi and the cop haters. Brindisi rallied with radicals carrying vulgar, anti-police signs.It is no surprise then that Anthony Brindisi would refuse to condemn anti-police attacks. Brindisi has an obligation to be a leader and ‘have an opinion’ on these brutal, targeted assaults.”

Anthony Brindisi Interview, WIBX Radio, September 20, 2020

Listen to Audio here: [LINK]

[Caller – Ann from Rome]: She [Kamala Harris] also did not go to see the police officers, the sheriffs [who were ambushed] in California that she represents. I have an issue with, you’re one sided, you say one thing about defending women yet there’s two instances when she didn’t. She doesn’t come to back up the police officers that were shot. Actually to me, that’s a hate crime.

Keeler:(Interjecting) I, I, I, Okay…

Caller:I just want to say one thing then I want your opinion please. If you’re not going to stand behind the police, stand in front of them. Thank you, I’d just like your opinion.Thank you for taking my call.

Keeler:Okay. I don’t know Anne where you were going there. Seems more like a statement to be fair. Can you comment on that?

Brindisi:I don’t have an opinion. Look, I’m not going to play national pundit.