Tenney Campaign LaunchesBidenBrindisi.com
Brindisi all in forJoe

New Hartford, NY – The Claudia Tenney for Congress campaign today launched BidenBrindisi.com a website that exposes the disastrous far-left agenda supported by Anthony Brindisi and Joe Biden as they campaign to undo gains made by President Trump.

“Anthony Brindisi has spent the last several years, both in the Assembly and in Congress, supporting socialized medicine, impeaching the President, implementing job-killing Green New Deal style policies, pushing late-term abortion and now he’s campaigning for Joe Biden whose main campaign promises include raising taxes, helping China and undoing President Trump’s pro-jobs agenda,” Claudia Tenney said.

Anthony Brindisi campaigned to be bipartisan but votes 90% with Nancy Pelosi including voting 3 times to impeach President Trump and supporting socialized medicine. Brindisi votes only 10% with President Trump.

“The Biden-Brindisi plan for America means a return to leading from behind and being deferential to China in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic,” Tenney added. “President Trump endorsed our campaign because he knows I will always be a compassionate advocate for pro-growth, pro-small business, and encouraging Made in America policies that serve Upstate New York.”