FALSE: Claudia Tenney supports tax increases



  • Claudia Tenney has signed Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge opposing all tax increases in Congress.[i]
  • Claudia has been endorsed by the Conservative Party of New York State because she has been an anti-tax champion.[ii]
  • Claudia Tenney has not voted to raise taxes. In fact, the 2011 bill cited in the false attacks from the primary, has been touted as the largest tax cut for middle class taxpayers in 58 years.
  • Claudia voted against an awful Cuomo spending plan that including measures that masquerade as tax cuts, but are nothing more than gimmicks which leave taxpayers in a deeper hole. The horrific budget bills also includes billions in cronyism, wasteful spending, and other tax increases.


FALSE: Claudia is against the Oneida Indians/ Turning Stone Casino



  • Claudia is against corrupt casino boss and CEO of Oneida Nation Inc., Ray Halbritter. Halbritter has enriched himself at the expense of the culture and heritage of the real Oneida Indians. Halbritter declared himself the leader of the Oneidas and used them to create an illegitimate casino empire in upstate New York. Halbritter sold out our community to Washington elites, dishonest politicians and big Casino interests. He has devastated our small businesses, driven our property values down and caused an increased tax burden on individuals and local governments.
  • Claudia has devoted both her time and money to fight for the real Oneidas.  Claudia represented Melvin Phillips pro bono in federal court in a case to protect his ancestral land from being stolen by Ray Halbirtter.



FALSE: Claudia Tenney votes with Silver 77% of the time



  • The vast majority of the bills that are voted on in the Assembly are not partisan. Many are simply resolutions commending various citizens and groups.  Many others are local bills requested by local governments. Many more are bills put in cycle after cycle that never advance out of the House because they lack a Senate sponsor.
  • Claudia voted with Sheldon Silver less than nearly every other member of the Assembly. Most members, including the Republicans, vote over 95 percent with Silver. Claudia’s scores have been in the bottom 5 percent of members voting with Silver year after year.
  • 2014 – Out of 150 Assembly members, Claudia ranked 144th in voting with Silver[iii]
  • In 2013 – Out of 150 Assembly members, Claudia ranked 144th in voting with Silver[iv]
  • In 2012 – Out of 150 Assembly members, Claudia ranked 144th in voting with Silver[v]
  • Claudia has introduced legislation to reduce the length of the Assembly session so legislators focus on substantive work, not thousands of meaningless procedural votes taken so politicians can play cynical political games and attempt to tell their constituents they are getting something done.


FALSE: Claudia Tenney never shows up for work



  • This false attack is funded by Nancy Pelosi’s Super PAC, House Majority PAC
  • Over six years in the Assembly, Tenney has been present over 96 percent of the time.
  • The Assembly takes thousands of meaningless votes every year because the Albany politicians spend more time on political gimmick votes than on substantive work. On the big issues, Claudia has led the charge against the Cuomo agenda.
  • Claudia’s missed votes occurred while she was caring for her mother as she battled an illness from which she eventually died, and when she attended her son’s graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy.
  • Unlike Congress, Assembly members have committee meetings while the Assembly is in live session and voting. All members who are excused from live voting, are allowed to make up missed electronic votes with a paper ballot.  Claudia was excused from live voting under the Assembly rules and, like every other member, voted with a paper ballot.

FALSE: Claudia doesn’t work well with others



  • During her time in the NYS Assembly, Claudia has worked with both Democrats and Republicans from all part of the state to craft and pass legislation.
  • Claudia compromises when it benefits the voters and the taxpayers, but is not afraid to stand against the establishment and party leaders when they neglect the will of the people.
  • Claudia has cosponsored over 60 pieces of chaptered legislation in the past 6 years. No bill has passed without Democratic sponsorship since 1974.


FALSE: Claudia voted against veterans



  • As a Marine Mom, New Hartford Legion Post #1376 Auxiliary member, and as a member of the Assembly Veterans Committee, Claudia is a strong advocate for our veterans community.
  • Liberals in Albany are filling legislation with items that make it hard for legislators to vote “NO”.  For example, the liberals in Albany will sprinkle items into a budget to force Assembly members to vote for awful budgets or face being accused of voting against projects that benefit their districts.
  • Claudia doesn’t play these political games.
  • She will not support budgets that are filled with tax increases, pork, cronyism and out-of-control spending to get a good thing here or there. That is how Albany politicians rig the game. It’s bankrupting New York and killing our economy.  That’s like saying its okay to vote for ObamaCare because there was one good thing or two in it.


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