New Hartford, NY-  Today Congresswoman Claudia Tenney released the following statement in response to former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s conviction on seven counts of federal corruption:

 “Once again, disgraced former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was found guilty on all counts in a multi-million dollar federal corruption trial. As assembly speaker, Silver reigned over the Albany sewer as its king. Albany’s corrupt system rife with bribery, bid rigging, sexual assault and sexual harassment is now fully revealed in multiple federal corruption trials.

“Unfortunately, many more ‘rats’ are still crawling around in the Albany sewer and justice will not be served until we commit to systematic reforms like term limits, ending pay-to-play, and ending politicians’ pensions for good. We must close the entire corrupt Cuomo, Schneiderman, and Silver chapter in New York’s now infamous history,” Tenney said 

She continued, “The era of secrecy, bribery, cronyism, backroom deals, and sexual harassment will not end until our elected officials in Albany pass and follow through with serious ethics reforms to hold Albany’s self-serving politicians accountable for their actions against the people they took an oath to serve.”

Tenney stated, “Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, who was handpicked by then Speaker Silver and whose campaigns were funded with hundreds of thousands in Silver’s often ill-gotten campaign cash, is just another Albany politician who enabled and supported the corrupt Cuomo-Silver agenda.”

“Now Brindisi was handpicked by another liberal, out-of-touch politician, Nancy Pelosi who is bankrolling his campaign.  His recent campaign stunt denouncing her, while still keeping her cash, shows that he is willing to say and do almost anything to get elected,” Tenney concluded.

Rep. Tenney was the first elected official to demand Silver’s resignation in 2012 after it emerged that Silver used tax-payer money to cover up the payoff of innocent sexual harassment victims. Rep. Tenney renewed her call once again in 2015 after Silver was arrested by federal authorities and demanded that the governor and entire legislature join her in calling for Silver to step down. 

Following the arrest of multiple state legislators for abusing the office they hold, Rep. Tenney, who was serving in the legislature at the time, proposed a series of bold ethics reforms to clean up Albany. The Assembly refused to take up any of Rep. Tenney’s proposed reforms.

In Washington, Rep. Tenney has continued on her mission to root out corruption. She’s introduced the No Pensions for Corrupt Politicians Act, is a member of the Term Limits Caucus and is an original cosponsor of the Thomas Jefferson Public Service Act which will reduce the salary of an elected Member of Congress to $1 a year after they serve six consecutive terms in the House or two consecutive terms in the Senate.