NEW HARTFORD – Claudia Tenney released a new ad highlighting her work to protect the Second Amendment, jobs at Remington and her record of standing up to corrupt Governor Andrew Cuomo’s anti-gun agenda.

Additionally, UMWA Local 717 the union that represents workers at Remington Arms recently endorsed Claudia.

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“Nobody protects the Second Amendment, jobs at Remington or stood up to corrupt Governor Andrew Cuomo’s anti-Second Amendment agenda better than Claudia Tenney,” said Claudia Tenney campaign manager Raychel Renna. “Endorsed and A-Rated by the NRA, voters in Upstate New York can count on Claudia to protect their Second Amendment rights.”   


Claudia Tenney: I’m Claudia Tenney and I approve this message.

Fran Madore:  If Remington Arms ever closed, this whole area would be devastated.

Thirty-five years I’ve worked there.  It’s provided jobs for everybody.

Nobody else has supported us more than Claudia Tenney.

She stood up to Governor Cuomo demanding the repeal of the SAFE Act.

She’s a strong fighter for not only the Second Amendment but for everyday people.

Claudia Tenney is a fighter period, and that’s what we need.  We need a fighter.

New York needs Claudia Tenney as our Congresswoman

The Union Representing Remington Arms Workers Endorsed Claudia Tenney.  “The union that represents the workers at Remington Arms in Ilion has endorsed Congresswoman Claudia Tenney in the race for the 22nd Congressional District. … Union leaders point in particular to Tenney’s efforts as a former state assemblywoman in fighting New York State’s gun law legislation known as the Safe Act, which was passed in 2013.  ‘It’s very important about the 2nd Amendment, not only to protect our rights, but to protect our jobs – she’s been adamant,’ said Fran Madore, former president of UMWA Local 717. ‘The SAFE Act, she stood up with us, she was the only politician that stood up with us in Albany on the stage when we were down there, and actually it was four years ago in April.'” (WKTV, 04/08/18)