NEW HARTFORD – Albany politician Anthony Brindisi’s corrupt mentor Governor Andrew Cuomo today blamed the Upstate weather for New York’s population decline when the real reason is the failed economic policies Cuomo and politician Anthony Brindisi have championed, hurting families, crushing small businesses and destroying jobs.

As the Associated Press reports:

  • “Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo blamed the upstate weather for prompting New Yorkers to flee to other states.” (The Associated Press, 09/25/18)

“If the Cuomo-Brindisi economic plan of reckless spending and the highest taxes in America wasn’t bad enough, now corrupt Governor Andrew Cuomo is blaming the weather in Upstate New York for a population decline,” said Claudia Tenney campaign manager Raychel Renna.  “The corrupt Albany politicians trashed New York’s economy and still refuse to take responsibility for the mess they created.  Just one more reason Anthony Brindisi is unfit to serve in Congress.”


Thanks to corrupt Governor Cuomo and his buddy Anthony Brindisi, people are fleeing New York at an alarming rate.  “More than 1 million people moved out of the New York area to other parts of the country since 2010, a rate of 4.4 percent — the highest negative net migration rate among the nation’s large population centers, US Census records show.” (New York Post, 04/01/17)