Oriskany— Claudia Tenney, Republican nominee for Congress in the 22nd District of New York, today accepted the endorsement of Congressman Chris Gibson, a Republican Congressman who currently represents the 19th district of New York.

“I am honored to accept the endorsement of Congressman Chris Gibson. During his time in Washington, Congressman Gibson has been a leading voice for the people of New York fighting against cronyism, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and working to keep manufacturing jobs in our state. I have worked closely with Congressman Gibson during my time in the State Assembly, and I look forward to continuing the work of fixing our economy and creating a more business friendly environment where we can grow jobs and protect our manufacturing base,” said Claudia Tenney.

“I’m here to endorse in the strongest terms, Claudia Tenney. We need her to represent us in Congress,” Congressman Gibson said. “Claudia and I share constituents in four counties and work together on a near daily basis to better serve the people we represent. I couldn’t have worked with a stronger professional.”

“We stand for smart trade policies, we stand for tax reform, and we stand for regulatory relief and reform. As someone who has worked in Congress to protect American jobs, I oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership and I know that Claudia stands with me in opposition. At the end of the day, this trade deal will put America on an uneven playing field. The TPP will hurt us, and put our manufacturing and agriculture sectors in jeopardy. I know that Claudia will fight against this unfair trade deal to protect the people of her district.” 

“Claudia will be an honest and hardworking member of Congress. During my time in Congress, when considering a piece of legislation, I ask: is it constitutional, and is it in the best interest of the people I represent. Claudia and I share this philosophy and because of this I know she will be a strong and independent voice for the people of this district.” 

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