NEW HARTFORD – Following the Senate’s motion to proceed on the final vote for Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney released the following statement:

“Allegations of sexual assault are serious and must be thoroughly investigated in accordance with the rights of due process and a consideration of all the available facts and evidence. Over the past week, it’s important that we heard from both Dr. Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh and that the FBI, who have already conducted six background checks, was able to complete their supplemental background review,” Tenney said in a statement.

“Not only do I support President Trump’s highly qualified Supreme Court nominee who will protect our Upstate New York values, it’s been a disgrace that Anthony Brindisi’s liberal allies, including Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand, continue to use 36-year-old uncorroborated reports to smear Judge Kavanaugh’s character. After an entire campaign of avoiding the issues and his liberal record, voters deserve to know where Brindisi stands on Judge Kavanaugh and if he would work with Nancy Pelosi to impeach him, if he’s confirmed.”

Claudia Tenney was the first leader to call for former Speaker Sheldon Silver’s resignation following revelations Silver was using taxpayer money to cover up the sexual harassment of innocent women in the Assembly.

As an attorney who represented clients in family court proceedings, Claudia Tenney handled cases involving victims of sexual harassment and assault.