NEW HARTFORD – With 78 days until Election Day, today Claudia Tenney has agreed to five debates with Albany politician Anthony Brindisi. Tenney accepted the Rome Area Chamber of Commerce debate on Wednesday, October 17 at 8:00 AM and the Herkimer County Chamber of Debate with details to be announced soon. Additionally, Tenney has agreed to debates hosted by the League of Women Voters of Broome and Tioga Counties, Americans for Restoring the Constitution and Spectrum News.

“No elected official for this region has been more accessible to people interested in a constructive dialogue than Claudia Tenney.  It’s why she will debate Albany politician Anthony Brindisi five times and give voters the chance to see the clear differences, and highlight Brindisi’s ties to corrupt Governor Andrew Cuomo, felon Sheldon Silver, liberal extremist Nancy Pelosi and his support for Medicare for All, and free healthcare and education benefits for illegal immigrants,” said Claudia Tenney, campaign manager Raychel Renna. “Claudia Tenney will discuss how she’s working with President Trump to lower middle class taxes, create jobs and make the future bright again in the Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier.  Claudia looks forward to these 5 debates and potentially additional televised debates.”



In 2018, Anthony Brindisi told Real Clear Politics he supports Medicare for All. “The progressive wing of the Democratic Party is seizing power over moderates and establishment liberals — and it’s not just in New York City where self-proclaimed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez handily defeated 10-term incumbent Rep Joe Crowley. In swing districts across the country, Democratic congressional candidates have embraced Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health care plan or are pushing an expanded version of Obamacare that would create a government-run plan promising universal coverage. … Anthony Brindisi, a Democrat running in upstate New York against incumbent Republican ClaudiaTenney, put it this way: “I want to see a system where everybody can have health insurance in the country, whether we call it single payer or Medicare for All.” (Real Clear Politics, 07/24/18)

In 2018, Brindisi has received at least $14,000 from Nancy Pelosi. (Anthony Brindisi, 2017 Year End Report, Federal Election Commission, Filed 1/31/18)

President Trump said Anthony Brindisi is a total puppet for Nancy Pelosi.  “Trump said he thinks Tenney, in her first term in Congress, will easily defeat Democrat state Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi. ‘She’s running against someone who is a total puppet of (House Minority Leader) Nancy Pelosi,’ Trump said.” (Syracuse Post-Standard, 08/13/18)

In 2017, Brindisi voted for Sheldon Silver’s single payer healthcare plan in New York. “PURPOSE OR GENERAL IDEA OF BILL: This bill would create a universal single payer health plan -New York Health – to provide comprehensive health coverage for all New Yorkers.” (A04738,New York State Assembly, Accessed 6/29/17)

New York State universal health care bill – supported by Sheldon Silver – would give illegal immigrants taxpayer funded healthcare. “Proposed legislation to create a universal single-payer plan to provide health coverage to every New York State resident likely will not become law anytime soon in Albany—and the issue puts the South Fork’s two state legislators in a rare position, on opposite sides of an issue. The State Assembly approved the measure in mid-May. It calls for publicly funded universal health care for all state residents, regardless of wealth, income, age, immigration status or preexisting condition.” (The Southampton Press, 06/12/17)

In 2012, Sheldon Silver Drew Public Outrage Over The Disclosure That He Approved Of A Secret Settlement Payment Related To Sexual Harassment Claims Against Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D-NY). “The latest scandal to hit the State Assembly has engulfed Speaker Sheldon Silver, the Legislature’s most powerful Democrat, as Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and other elected officials on Tuesday called for an investigation into the Assembly’s handling of sexual harassment claims against a prominent assemblyman, including a secret settlement payment of more than $100,000. Even as Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, the man at the center of the scandal, agreed to give up his power base as chairman of the Democratic Party in Brooklyn, it was Mr. Silver’s decision to make the payment and keep the allegations against Mr. Lopez secret that drew the most outrage. Public advocacy and women’s groups, and even some Democratic lawmakers, expressed shock that the state would pay so much without public disclosure. Governor Cuomo — who had previously called for Mr. Lopez’s resignation over a separate set of allegations — became the most prominent voice calling for an ethics investigation as well.” (Danny Hakim, Michael M. Grynbaum, and William K. Rashbaum, “Assembly Leader Admits Fault As Critics Assail Secret Payoff,” The New York Times, 8/28/12)