Brindisi’s Sexual Harassment Hypocrisy

Brindisi Criticizes Silver’s Sexual Harassment Now But Not Then

New Hartford, NY – Today Claudia Tenney for Congress released the following statement in response to a December 1 interview with WIBX’s ‘Keeler in the Morning’ where top Cuomo/Pelosi congressional recruit Anthony Brindisi explained how sexual harassment is handled in the New York State Assembly:

“Anthony Brindisi’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. Now that it’s politically expedient, Brindisi is critical of corrupt Speaker Sheldon Silver’s cover-up of sexual harassment, but back when it mattered, Brindisi voted for Silver for speaker even after the scandal came to light,” said Raychel Renna, spokeswoman for Claudia Tenney for Congress. “Claudia Tenney was the first to demand Speaker Silver’s resignation for covering up sexual harassment and bypassing ethics rules Brindisi supported in the Assembly. Anthony Brindisi voted for Silver for Speaker even after the revelations of Silver’s secret payoffs and ethics violations relating to sexual harassment victims came to light.”


Bill Keeler: “How does it work in New York? Is there a settlement is paid with taxpayer dollars in New York?”

Anthony Brindisi: “It’s a lot more transparent and more open than has been in the past unfortunately. In the past you’ve seen when Speaker Silver was there they tried to cover a lot of the stuff up.”

Besides voting with Silver over 90% of the time, voters should not forget that Anthony Brindisi voted twice for Sheldon Silver for State Assembly speaker. Brindisi cast the second vote even after it was revealed that Silver covered up sexual harassment in the State Assembly and it was revealed that grave corruption charges were imminent. Claudia Tenney was the first to demand Silver’s resignation as Speaker in 2012 after it was exposed he was using taxpayer dollars to orchestrate secret payoffs to victims of sexual harassment.