New Hartford, NY- Today Claudia Tenney for Congress released a statement on Anthony Brindisi’s vote for Governor Cuomo’s newest gun-grabbing measure to deny due process to gun owners:

“Even worse than voting for another one of Cuomo’s bloated budgets that funds the SAFE Act, Brindisi voted on a separate bill to deny Americans due process and strip them of their guns. We expect nothing less from the same phony politician who is endorsed by a leading gun control group and marches with anti-gun protestors while claiming to support the Second Amendment . Brindisi makes it clear he would be a rubber stamp for Pelosi’s anti-gun agenda, just like he is for Cuomo’s,” said Raychel Renna, Campaign Manager for Claudia Tenney for Congress. 

Brindisi voted to deny gun owners due process and strip them from their guns from people convicted of misdemeanor crimes even if they haven’t had a proper hearing.

Claudia Tenney has always supported guns being taken away from convicted domestic abusers—something federal law already provides for.  However, she opposes denying Americans due process before they lose a Constitutional right.