NEW HARTFORD – Today, Claudia Tenney for Congress released a new ad highlighting how Nancy Pelosi and Anthony Brindisi support a risky Medicare-for-all scheme, including free healthcare for illegal immigrants, while Claudia Tenney stands with President Trump in protecting Medicare and Social Security for seniors.

“After accepting $14,000 from Nancy Pelosi, Anthony Brindisi has said he supports Pelosi’s Medicare for All plan, and Brindisi has voted four times in the State Assembly for Cuomo’s budget busting single-payer health care scheme, outlawing employer provided insurance, resulting in massive middle class tax hikes and even free healthcare to illegal immigrants,” said Claudia Tenney campaign manager Raychel Renna. “While Pelosi and Brindisi are jeopardizing Medicare by increasing taxes by over $32 trillion and opening a program promised to seniors to everyone, Claudia Tenney and President Trump are working to protect Medicare and Social Security for our seniors.”

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In 2018, Brindisi has received at least $14,000 from Nancy Pelosi. (Anthony Brindisi, 2017 Year End Report, Federal Election Commission, Filed 1/31/18)

In 2018, Anthony Brindisi told Real Clear Politics he supports Medicare for All. “The progressive wing of the Democratic Party is seizing power over moderates and establishment liberals — and it’s not just in New York City where self-proclaimed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez handily defeated 10-term incumbent Rep Joe Crowley. In swing districts across the country, Democratic congressional candidates have embraced Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health care plan or are pushing an expanded version of Obamacare that would create a government-run plan promising universal coverage. … Anthony Brindisi, a Democrat running in upstate New York against incumbent Republican ClaudiaTenney, put it this way: “I want to see a system where everybody can have health insurance in the country, whether we call it single payer or Medicare for All.” (Real Clear Politics, 07/24/18)

According to a new study, Brindisi and Pelosi’s Medicare For All would cost $32 trillion. “Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” plan would boost government health spending by $32.6 trillion over 10 years, requiring historic tax hikes, says a study released Monday by a university-based libertarian policy center. That’s trillion with a ‘T.'” (The Associated Press, 07/30/18)

In 2017, Brindisi voted for Sheldon Silver’s single payer healthcare plan in New York. “PURPOSE OR GENERAL IDEA OF BILL: This bill would create a universal single payer health plan -New York Health – to provide comprehensive health coverage for all New Yorkers.” (A04738,New York State Assembly, Accessed 6/29/17)

New York State universal health care bill – supported by Sheldon Silver – would give illegal immigrants taxpayer funded healthcare. “Proposed legislation to create a universal single-payer plan to provide health coverage to every New York State resident likely will not become law anytime soon in Albany—and the issue puts the South Fork’s two state legislators in a rare position, on opposite sides of an issue. The State Assembly approved the measure in mid-May. It calls for publicly funded universal health care for all state residents, regardless of wealth, income, age, immigration status or preexisting condition.” (The Southampton Press, 06/12/17)